Few of the many success stories.


Pat casey, Illinois

A mutual friend introduced me to Mary earlier this year.  Bryce had been training in obedience & agility for two years, but he just had no concentration. It seemed that his head was spinning and his eyes were in constant motion.  He could not concentrate on any one thing.  I called it attention deficit.  Mary developed two different formulas - one for 30 days, then on to the second. I saw a difference within about two weeks.  By formula two, Bryce was able to concentrate, to watch me and to "think" as he was working his obstacles.  He is so much happier & really enjoys his performance activities. Mary has been so very helpful and really listens as I informed her as to how Bryce is doing.

d.g., Illinois

My young, male Akita was locked inside himself.  He had no confidence and was easily overwhelmed and overstimulated by the goings-on around him.  Through the consistent use of various Flowers Essences he has been expanding his tolerance to noise and activity, and even allowing himself to be more affectionate and occasionally initiating contact from people.  Flower Essences have helped him to lower his guard and unlock his ability to enjoy the world around him.

Bobbie K., Illinois

I have been using flower essence for my dog for 3 years. I put it in her drinking water to aid the well being of her liver. I have been very grateful for her ongoing good health.

Julie T., ILlinois

We adopted a 1-1/2 old Duck Toller with limited experiences in the home and in a neighborhood.  She was skittish around new noises and experiences and would cry when crated.  Our vet recommended Tramadol.  We did not want to drug her, but we only had a week to cure her before we had to go back to work.  We reached out to MaryAnne at Inner Spirit Healing for some help.  She gave us 2 Flower Essence formulas – New Home and Missing You.  Within a few days we noticed a difference in her.  She was calmer and more open to new experiences.  And no drugs.  

We adopted another dog 2 weeks later; an 8 year old Setter who’s owner had just passed away.  She had separation anxiety and would work herself up into a tizzy if we crated her.  She had been a Show dog, so had plenty of experience with being crated.   We again asked for MaryAnne’s assistance.  She recommended the 2 Flower Essences that we had given the Duck Toller, but also added a 3rd Flower Essence “Be Calm”.  This dog took longer to come around, but within 2 weeks, we were able to leave her and have her be calm while we were away from the house.

MaryAnne responded very quickly to what we saw as an emergency situation and acted with understanding, empathy and a great foresight on what would help our dogs get over their issues and be their best selves. She removed stress from the dogs but also their new owners by accurately assessing the situation and getting us the help we needed quickly.  We will definitely reach out to her again when and if we are in need. 

T. Webley, Idaho

t webley.jpg

I have been a client of Mary’s for several years.  I rescued a beautiful half lab half Rhodesian Ridgeback I named Maverick.  He had issues...stubborn, unsure, knocked me down twice, was scared and had trust issues. I needed help.  A very dear friend of mine referred me to Mary and flower essences.  Mary has a flower essence called “Release the Past “ that had been used for rescue dogs. I started Maverick on it. His behavior improved dramatically.  He became confident, trusting and very loving.  I was totally amazed.  When I rescue another dog I will use this.  It brought out the best in him.  We worked together everyday.  He was incredibly smart and a very fast learner.  I also have used several flower essences for myself.  It’s amazing what positive results I get.  Mary can make you a flower essence customized for just you. I highly recommend her flower essences as well as essential oils.  Mary is a certified practitioner and she uses high quality products to create the very best for you and you dog.