What are Flower Essences?

Flower essences are liquid extracts, generally taken in oral form, which are used to address profound issues of emotional well-being, soul development, and mind-body health. They are subtle, yet powerful remedies that help balance emotional states such as fear, anxiety, trust, separation anxiety, grief, depression, trauma and countless other emotions. The essences are vibrational in nature and are made by transferring the life energy of a plant into water.  The first 38 flower essences were introduced in the 1930’s by Dr. Edward Bach, a British physician who gave up his medical practice to develop flower essences.  Those essences are still used today, and include Rescue Remedy (Five Flower Formula).  There are now many other essences available as well to help us in our life journey. 


Animals also benefit tremendously from flower essences.  An unlimited number of emotional states in animals can be helped with flower essences.  Some include:

Fear, Lack of Confidence, Trauma, Abuse, Grief, Transitions (including going to a new home), Cribbing, Aggression, Depression, Shyness, Anxiety, Apathy, Bonding, Newborns, Jealousy, Trust issues, Training aid, Aggressiveness

Who can benefit?

All living things can benefit from flower essences. Flower essences have been effectively used with people, animals and plants.

Using flower essences


The most common method of use is to take 3-4 drops (or sprays) under the tongue four times daily, away from food. They can also be placed in a glass of water, stirred well, and sipped throughout the day. Some other methods of use include adding them to bathwater, spayed topically, added to lotions or sprayed around a room.

Animals can also benefit from the essences sprayed in their mouth. Simply lift the side of their mouth and spray right on the gums. Some pets (especially cats) do not like the essences put directly in their mouth. In this case, or for sensitive or ill animals, you may apply them topically by putting the essences in your hand and rubbing them on your pet’s ears, feet and body. You can also spray the essences around your pet or add them to the drinking water…just make sure to stir the water well and refresh the water mixture at least once a day. For use with newborn puppies, kittens or other small animals, I suggest spraying the essences over the animal.

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